Namárië (Farewell)

I think this is my farewell post. I was going to do more, but it’s late and I’m tired. I really wanted to do one on the workings of Joker Venom, but that required a lot of reading. However, I take comfort in knowing that Joker venom is feasible and clearly, Joker was a bit of a Biochemist (albeit a crazy one).

This blog was an experience. Forced us to be creative ( I think I did rather poorly in that area), helped to revise what was done in class, made us research more and learn more, so this blog was a wonderful idea. Most of us may not get the full 10% but I think we’ll take anything above 6%

So farewell, for now wordpress. If I decide to blog via this site again, it will be using a new page. 🙂

To all the Biochemians:


Nai anár caluva tiellanna

Go with a blessing

And may the sun shine on your path


Now, the Doctor is calling


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2 Responses to Namárië (Farewell)

  1. illuminolist says:

    How about you do that Joker post later on? probably after exams? I’d love to see it 🙂

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