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Paper Review 2

Thyroid Function and Mental Disorders: An Insight into the Complex Interaction Mahendra T. Kamb le, Prerna D. Nandedkar, Prashant V. Dharme, Lokhande Suryabhan L., Prajakt a G. Bhosale Depression is a mental illness characterized by a continuous feeling of sadness … Continue reading

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Paper review 1

The effect of vitamin D on insulin resistance in patients with type 2 diabetes Afsaneh Talaei, Mahnaz Mohamadi and Zahra Adgi (This paper was surprisingly, quite short) Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), a lifestyle disease, is a metabolic disorder that … Continue reading

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Here I am trying to do my published paper review thinking, well this is kinda like a report so it has to be impartial and in third person with no personal opinions But this is a blog. A blog by … Continue reading

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Random quiz >_<

So….. random out of the blue quiz on non-competitive inhibition today. Honestly it wasn’t bad, considering I drew the correct graph before we got to use our notes so I was feeling pretty good about my answer Then I realised … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Biochemical Musings . .

Funny, how a cartoon makes you wonder . . .

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Wordle!! (sounds like Weedle and the sound it makes)

In case you are not familiar with the generation 1 Pokemon, this is a Weedle: Like most bug Pokemon, it’s weak and dies easily but evolves quickly into the very fast and dangerous (just ask Ash and Pikachu) Beedrill. But, … Continue reading

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Random Thought

I went in search of some interesting Biochem papers to review and honestly I feel so smart when I see all those terms and I actually understand what they mean. ^_^

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